“We believe in simplicity”

SIMPLICITY: The quality or condition of being easy to understand, plain, uncomplicated in form or design. Subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful

Our Mission

Our Mission

To always stay on top of new innovations, while delivering the simplest solutions to our customers.

Our Vision

To create an excellent place to work, where opportunities are created for people to be the best they can be.
To give back and support our local communities.

Our Vision

Our Culture

The Culture

Creating an environment where every project is completed with maximum quality.
Creating an environment where it’s cool to work hard and play harder.
Creating an environment where everyone is continuously learning new things, trying things outside of their field while growing in their current field.

The Engine

Although we are a small and nimble team, we're innovators, fun, extremely smart and highly experienced.

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Alex is no ordinary falcon, with common attributes of success, victory and rising above situations; Alex represents everything we believe in, quickness, pin point accuracy, adaptability, high intelligence and savviness.

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  • Alex-Mascot Design
  • Alex-Mascot Design
  • Alex-Mascot Design
  • Alex-Mascot Design
  • Alex-Mascot Design